Concept Creators
Architecture, Interior Design
& FF&E/Fit-Out

01 / Simplicity & Minimalism

Architecture —

Distinctive developments based on simplicity and minimalism, yet functional ideas.

02 / Aesthetic & Functional

Interior —

Our philosophy is based on art and science, as well as the practical aspect.

03 / Latest Trends

FF&E | Fit-Out —

Wide selection of brands, as well as customized creations.

04 / Management

Supervision —

Extensive knowledge of all managerial, engineering and safety disciplines.

Recent Projects

03 / Roberto’s Restaurant

Draw Link was chosen for the second time to provide interior design consultancy services and to be the fit-out contractor for Roberto’s restaurant.

The project concept was to design a warm and welcoming environment that inspired simplicity and accessibility, using a choice of straightforward, uncomplicated and neutral materials such as leather paneling, wood and travertine marble, thus creating the perfect sensory balance between texture, space and fine dining.

04 / HL Group, 5-Star Hotel

A 3 star business hotel conceptualized as urban, art driven, comfortable and practical —

and contemporary design characterize the hotel. The concept followed in all parts of the design reflect the old souks of Deira, where you find jewels, tiles, fabrics, old carved doors & patterns.

07 / Auris Al Furjan

A 3 star business hotel conceptualized as urban, art driven, comfortable and practical —

This hotel is based on an international theme of urban regeneration.

01 / Kempinski Hotel, Dubai

02 / Marriott Hotel, Kampala

05 / Mets Hotel

Mets hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel apartments with rooftop pool & restaurant and offices spaces for rent operating on the ground floor. —

The concept basis of the project is intuitive design with luxurious feel and rich materials, whilst having subtle modernist influences from the local architecture.

08 / Rosemont Hotel & Residences

It will be the first building on earth with its own rainforest: a 75,000-square-foot jungle, complete with a splash pool and cafe. —

The supersize terrarium will use only recycled water collected from condensation and will feature a novel artificial beach—one without sand.

The 1.1-million-square-foot complex centers on a pair of glass skyscrapers—a 53-story hotel and a 55-story apartment building on Sheik Zayed Road.

The development will have 448 hotel rooms and 280 furnished apartments, including a 6,300-square-foot presidential pad.

06 / Al Waleed Hotel

The aim of the interior concept is to offer the guests a cozy ambiance and a homelike feeling. —

Draw Link Group has been assigned the design conceptualization and fit out supply for a new 3-star hotel in Dubai. The new project is located on Al Wasl road, Jumeirah, for Al Waleed Group.

The building is composed of basements, ground floor and three upper floors, including 115 rooms, outdoor swimming pool, all day dining resto, lounge, gym, and a convention center.

09 / Dubai Hills Villa Contemporary

Focus on luxury residential ventures, with the undertaking of high-end residential villas based in The Dubai Hills Estate, a highly exclusive community in Mohammed Bin Rashid City. —

Draw Link Group’s ongoing residential projects introduce pioneering design concepts to illustrate smart luxury design through refined details and high-quality materials. The designs can be characterized as bespoke and luxurious, yet sleek and contemporary.

Our History

Draw Link is an international architecture, interior design and fit-out firm. Getting started in 2006 by Mr. Daousser Chennoufi, currently acting as Principal and CEO, Draw Link is a reflection of his vision in life. It is a mix between a personnel and a professional satisfaction telling a story of having an honorable and fascinated goal in life, the sense of the possible, the sense of the steps, the perseverance and the spirit of the risk and the distant view. Draw Link offers a comprehensive, personalized and bespoke service from concept through to completion, delivering attention to detail throughout the entire process.


01 / Roots

Founded in Dubai —


02 / Expansion to North Africa

Tunis —


03 / Factory Setup

Shanghai —


04 / Expansion to Europe

Greece —


05 / Expansion across East Africa

Kampala —

Our Approach

01 / Space

A balance has to be achieved between the negative and the positive —

Interior design is, first and foremost, the design of an interior space. An interior space is defined by structural elements such as walls, ceiling, floor, and columns.

02 / Lines

There are three types of lines used in interior design: vertical, horizontal and dynamic —

Lines are the basis of all objects and forms. Lines are more evident in the structural elements of a space — columns (vertical), beams (horizontal), stairs (dynamic), windows and doors

03 / Forms

Lines are the basis of forms —

The understanding of forms used in a space is vital to achieve the desired feel of a space. Too much use of rectangular forms in a room can give the effect of stiffness and seriousness, whereas the use of circular forms soften up a space and make it feel more bubbly and light.

04 / Lights

Artificial and Natural —

There are 2 main types of light: artificial and natural. A good designer knows to plan a space and choose colors according to the amount of natural light it receives during the day while creating a balance of artificial light after the sun has set.

05 / Color

80% of the whole mood of a space —

Choosing a color palette for a space is one of the most important tasks in designing an interior. The correct choice of colors can multiply the effectiveness of the overall design by meeting a space’s function. The correct choice of colors supports the function of a space.

06 / Texture

Visual and Actual —

Visual texture, as with color, works hand-in-hand with light. What we see gives us an idea of what it would feel like to touch something. Actual texture is what it actually feels to touch the surface of an object.